Our Approach

Mass human movements have already become one of the most urgent issues in the agenda of humanity. The civil war that broke out in Syria has been affecting the neighboring countries and Europe, especially countries in Eastern Europe. Among all this turmoil, a bottom-up attempt – the spirit of public good - seems to be inevitable.

Therefore, this project will have short, medium and long term goals as regards to raising awareness of multilingualism.


In short term,

We aim to reach university students so that they can extend their consciousness into their dormitories, families, and close friends. In line with this, the planned activities in the campuses are critical while achieving this goal.

As for medium term period goals,

We are planning to contact non-governmental organizations, government offices and municipalities because their role of meeting the needs of refugees is important. However, understanding the refugees’ culture and promoting their mother tongue use are as crucial as their basic needs.

In long term period,

The website of the project and the handbook of multilingual values will be a reliable source. Furthermore, online discussion groups will help the sustainability of the project. Also, the establishment of a student club with the theme of multilingualism will be offered to the Rectorate of Bursa Technical University and Marmara University, which makes it possible to find new volunteers of multilingual activities each academic year.

Award Specifics

U.S. Department of State
The Alumni Small Grants Program

1. Project Identification Number: S-TU-150-17-GR-0022
2. Purpose / Scope of Award:

“The Multilingual Awareness Raising and Support Project at Tertiary Education in Turkey’’ aims to increase awareness on the importance of multilingualism by organizing events in Bursa. Talks and panels; fieldwork activities (energizers, games, street activities, open photo galleries) will be a part of the campus life during the project; Social media, blogs and discussion groups/forums will keep this alive and a printed handbook manual on multilingualism will be the output. The objectives of this project are to: foster people-to-people exchange and create mutual understanding among Syrian Refugees and non-Turkish nationals; to develop tolerance towards diversity.

Increase the awareness of multilingualism and organize events and energizers in a targeted group. The specifics of this project will focus on the possible problems, obstacles being faced with non-Turkish speaking university students, and Syrian refugee students in the field. The focus will be on four target areas:

  • Talks and panels
  • Fieldwork activities
  • Social media, blogs and discussion groups / forums
  • Printed handbook manual of multilingualism
3. More information about the program:

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